Why Choose Us?

Why choose us?

Personalized Advice and Customization: Crasa is attuned to craft and bespoke various genres of home elements. We strive to sync-up your aspirations for embellishing your home with our interactive involvement, intelligent suggestions, and innovative customizations.

Competitive Price: As direct dealers for RAK Tiles, NOKEN, and OPPEIN, we bring products at the best price in the Indian market. Swanky cabinets or trendy wardrobes can be bought well within your planned spending as we eliminate the middlemen between you and the state-of-the-art manufacturers.

Segments we Serve: Every product offered by Crasa ensures a luxurious lifestyle for your home. We primarily serve the mid-to-high segment customers; however, we are dedicatedly expanding our offerings to reach out to every household across the Nation.

Branded Hardware: Crasa includes durable hardware by Blum (Austria) and Hettich (Germany) brands to ensure robust and flawless final products.

Even the brands we deal in follow highest Eco-Friendly norms:
RAK produces tiles in accordance to the latest ISO 13006 and/or EN 1441 standards along with equivalent ANSI A137.1 an American National Standard specifications for ceramics tiles and EN 997 standard for manufacturing of sanitary wares. OPPEIN’s raw materials and manufacturing process meet Euro E1 standard, which ensure lesser off-gassing from formaldehyde and other toxic gasses. NOKEN products ensure the economical and ecological use of water and energy and come with international ecological certification.